Redaction Guidelines

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It is the responsibility of the program to ensure the confidential or sensitive information is redacted when submitting documentation that is requested to NAEYC. NAEYC does not require personal information such as names of children and teaching staff in order to review any incidents that may have occurred at the program. 

Types of information to be redacted:

  •         Program name, address, and phone number, including corporate name and logo
  •         Names of program staff involved
  •         Names of children involved
  •         Names of 3rd party witnesses such as parents, community members
  •         Address, social security number, phone numbers, e-mail address, etc.
  •         Medical information; names of hospitals, doctors, personal medical information etc.
  •         Any other information that could indicate the name or location of the program, or identify an individual

Please use the following guidelines in preparing documentation for NAEYC Early Learning Programs:

  • Replace name with a title or position
    • Director, teacher, lead teacher, teacher’s aide, substitute teacher, volunteer, student, parent, child etc.
  • Label multiple persons with the same title or affiliation with the program consecutively and provide a key if/when abbreviations are used  
    • Teaching Staff (TS) 1, Teaching Staff 2,
    • Assistant Teacher (AT) 1, Assistant Teacher 2
    • Administration 1, Admin 2 OR Director, Assistant Director
    • Child A, Child B, Child C
    • Parent, mother, father, grandparent, primary caregiver
    • Licensing specialists
    • Outside investigators (police, military)


  1. Teacher 1 witnessed Teacher 2 pull a child’s arm during circle time.
  2. Child A and Child B were both left unsupervised on the playground for 15 minutes.
  3. A parent notified the director that she saw a teacher hit a child in the face. 

Need help?

Speak directly with NAEYC Early Learning Program staff about the NAEYC Accreditation process, educational qualifications, classes, and much more by contacting us at 1-800-424-2460, option 3.