Satellite Location(s) Requirements

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Primary site” is defined as the principal location of the program. This address will be listed as the program’s site address in the program record and will be the only address reflected as such on public information regarding the program, including the Accredited Program Search and NAEYC Accreditation Certificate.

Satellite location” is defined as an additional geographic location to the primary site that houses one or more of the program’s groups of children and all satellite requirements defined below:
- The primary site can have no more than 2 satellite locations; all locations are within a 5 mile radius of the primary location.
- Each satellite location serves fewer than 60 children.
- Each satellite location must have the same program administration, budget, and public identity as the primary site.

The definition above may be adjusted if a program has a unique program structure that has been approved by NAEYC.


A satellite location is included in the scope of the program’s accreditation and children enrolled are included in the total enrollment count.  At least one group housed at each of the satellite locations will be selected for an observation during an NAEYC Accreditation site visit, verification visit, or unannounced visit. The data collected from these groups will contribute to the overall NAEYC Accreditation decision and all satellite locations must meet and maintain all NAEYC Accreditation requirements. Failure of one or more satellite locations within a program to meet or maintain the accreditation requirements may adversely impact that entire program’s accreditation review and status.


Programs must inform NAEYC of the addition or deletion of a Satellite Location within 30 days of the change by submitting a Self Report Form.

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