• NAEYC's Higher Education Accreditation System is Expanding and Has a New Website!


    As part of NAEYC’s operationalization of its Strategic Direction, which focuses, in part, on advancing the early childhood profession, NAEYC is expanding its higher education accreditation system beyond its previous scope of associate degree programs to include nonlicensure and licensure programs at the baccalaureate and master’s degree levels as well. We are in the midst of beginning a pilot for the expansion, and have transitioned to a new website.


    Please visit the new NAEYC Higher Education Accreditation website at NAEYC.org/highered



  • Interested in becoming a peer reviewer?

    NAEYC's accreditation system depends on the commitment and professionalism of our peer reviewers.
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    What are the benefits of accreditation?

    Marketing materials are available to help you make the case for seeking accreditation for your early childhood associate degree program.