Starting With Science: Strategies for Introducing Young Children to Inquiry

Marcia Talhelm Edson
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Young children arrive at school with unrestrained curiosity and wonder about the world. In Starting With Science: Strategies for Introducing Young Children to Inquiry, the author explores the big ideas surrounding inquiry-based science. It provides practical suggestions and models for beginning teachers as well as those who are fine-tuning their practice. Four key questions underlie the book:

  • What is inquiry-based science?
  • How can pre-K, kindergarten, and primary-grade teachers incorporate inquiry-based science when faced with limited science background, insufficient time, and lack of resources?
  • What roles do the children, the teacher, and the environment play in an inquiry-based science program?
  • What instructional strategies are effective in implementing inquiry-based science?

In answering these questions, Edson provides a framework from which teachers can devise their own in-depth inquiry investigations based on district requirements and students' own interests. She also integrates literacy opportunities as well as explicit suggestions for effective assessment of inquiry-based science. From Stenhouse.