The Power of Emergent Curriculum: Stories From Early Childhood Settings

Carol Anne Wien
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This remarkable collection of stories from early childhood settings illustrates what is possible when using an emergent curriculum approach. The stories tackle unusual topics, such as assessing the need for program rules, addressing the impact of a hurricane on classroom design, observing the empathy of toddlers, exploring children’s ideas about sculpture, and appreciating a long-term, multiage project in an after-school program. Overall, what readers witness is a rise in the quality of practice that results when responding to emerging topics. 

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"As provocateur and reflective guide, Carol Anne Wien takes us into a center’s arc of discovery as the teachers unpack their practices, learn to live with uncertainty, and turn problems into curriculum possibilities. Her stories provide a model for the professional growth that can come through teachers reflecting on their missteps along the way."

— John Nimmo, EdD, Affiliate Associate Professor, Family Studies, University of New Hampshire, and coauthor of Emergent Curriculum