The Lively Kindergarten: Emergent Curriculum in Action

Elizabeth Jones, Kathleen Evans, & Kay Stritzel Rencken
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Subject: K-Primary
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Standards, accountability, and curriculum frameworks all have a legitimate place in education. But today's schools often push to the side what should be at the very center: children and teachers. The result is classrooms that are less effective and immeasurably duller. Creating emergent curriculum is not easy, especially in the public-school world, but it is educationally powerful. Read eloquent stories of emergent curriculum in action—the struggles real teachers face and strategies to make this approach work.

"The authors offer real-life stories from a diverse group of teachers and follow each with honest, challenging reflections to deepen understandings of their experiences and connect them to educational theory. Having returned to the classroom, I am excited by the authors' reminders that although there are challenges and barriers to this approach, it engages children's enthusiasm toward learning, nourishes their minds, and cultivates critical thinking skills."

-- Deb Curtis, Author of Reflecting Children's Lives: A Handbook for Planning