Words That Cook: Parenting With Children's Books (13-DVD Set)

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The award-winning PBS series is now available on DVD! Free companion online resources provide summaries of recommended books, related links and activities, and the tools for staff development and parent workshops. Each DVD includes an original episode (26:30) plus approximately 15 minutes of bonus guest material and production notes. 13-DVD series.

Show 1: Reading Starts with Interests (#8301)

Whether it's animals, puppets, music, or finger plays that ignite children's imaginations, books support individual interests and expand children's horizons.


Show 2: Storytelling: When! Why! How! (#8302)

Terrific storytelling techniques that captivate audiences use cultural icons, songs, gestures, different languages, voices, and noisy words.  


Show 3: Writing Begins with Original Ideas (#8303)

Using child-made toys, hobbies, scribbles, computers and art are simple methods for inspiring children to write for pleasure.


Show 4: Putting Life into Words (#8304)

Incorporating puppets and voices, making up songs, playing word games, and creating poems can excite children about words. 


Show 5: Reading Relationships (#8305)

Use books to relate to real-life events, play games, have one-on-one time, and explore family heritage?all the while building stronger relationships.


Show 6: The Power of Language (#8306)

Children and parents (including ELL parents) feel empowered and forge bonds that last a lifetime through reading aloud, learning together, playing with idioms, and exploring cultures. 


Show 7: Make Literacy an Adventure (#8307)

Tips for boosting confidence, supporting communication skills, and engaging children with special needs include linking new vocabulary and nonfiction books with an interest in animals.


Show 8: Finding Inspiration for Writing (#8308)

Drawing upon daily life, favorite books, interesting objects, and more?conversations and questions provide surefire methods for getting children?s minds and pens in motion. 


Show 9: The Art of Storytelling (#8309)

Enhance storytelling with gestures, voices, facial expressions, and material that springs from artwork, book or movie characters, childhood memories, and folk tales.  


Show 10: Active Learning (#8310)

Visual support, hands-on exploration, playful language activities, artistic expression and physical challenges help children get excited about learning.


Show 11: Empowered Learning (#8311)

Children overcome obstacles by utilizing brainteasers, personalized tools, dramatic play and games. 


Show 12: Home & School Connections (#8312)

Connections are made between home and school by reading aloud, using writing boxes, learning about educational benchmarks and testing, and attending school meetings. 


Show 13: Windows & Mirrors of Literacy (#8313)

Children are introduced to Shakespeare, explore cultures through books and folklore, discuss and write about memories, and document personal history.