From Lullabies to Literature: Stories in the Lives of Infants and Toddlers

Jennifer Birckmayer, Anne Stonehouse, & Anne Kennedy
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The ability to use language (speak, read, write) is not something that children suddenly or automatically develop. It is rather a culmination of experiences with language that begin at birth. Sharing stories (oral storytelling, books) and “story experiences” (conversations, songs, poems, rhymes) with infants and toddlers is critical to building their emergent literacy skills. At the same time, it expands their experience and understanding of the world and also prompts positive interactions with adults and other children, fostering social development.

Sprinkled with charming vignettes and ideas for stories to share, From Lullabies to Literature explains how the many types of stories and story experiences are best used with very young children, with a particular focus on using books, and how teachers can plan and provide story experiences most effectively, including by partnering with families. Copublished with Pademelon Press.