Voices: Supporting Teacher Performance (DVD)

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Interlaced with real-life classroom video, this powerful DVD offers practical ideas and experienced insights from seasoned professionals who speak with the passion and perspective that can only come from years of working with directors, teachers, young children, and their families. Provides a rich platform for staff development and training sessions that will inspire, motivate, teach, provoke new thinking, and generate lively discussions.

Includes sections on:

  • Staff morale and teacher performance
  • Creating a supportive, nurturing environment with teachers
  • The role of professional development
  • Program directors as leaders
  • Addressing the needs of different generations
  • Managing conflict and embracing change
  • Identifying staff members who aren't a good fit
  • Recovering from morale challenges
  • Addressing gossip and negative attitudes

68 min. From Child Care Exchange. 

Watch a preview here.