Don't Leave the Story in the Book: Using Literature to Guide Inquiry in Early Childhood Classrooms

Mary Hynes-Berry
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Drawing from 30 years of teaching and professional development experience, the author offers a roadmap for using children’s literature to provide authentic learning. Featuring a “storyteller’s voice,” each chapter includes a case study about how a particular fiction or nonfiction work can be used in an early childhood classroom; a series of open-ended questions to help readers construct their own inquiry units; and a bibliography of children’s literature. From Teachers College Press.

“Books and stories do not automatically produce quality intellectual work in the classroom. Intellectual quality depends also on adults—committed and intentional teachers and parents who activate the potential of stories. To help teachers build on what they know about stories, Mary describes praxes for using books that are grounded in well-defined principles of teaching and learning.”

— From the foreword by Jie-Qi Chen