Discovering Nature with Young Children

Ingrid Chalufour, Karen Worth
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For teachers who want to do serious science in their preschool classroom, this resource-rich curriculum gives you all the tools you need. Children will learn essential lifelong scientific reasoning skills, such as hypothesis, inference, prediction, and estimation, as they investigate the natural world. Important language and literacy skills are developed as children communicate their findings, participate in discussions, and represent their experiences; and crucial math skills are fostered as children count, measure, sort, categorize, and compare the many plants and animals in their surroundings. Part of the Young Scientist Series and from Redleaf Press.

"As a passionate explorer of nature with young children, I welcome this thoughtfully designed guide to support teachers in their own discoveries with children. It clarifies the myriad details of planning and discussion and documentation that can enable young children and their teachers to re-create, in developmentally appropriate ways, what scientists really do."

— Elizabeth Jones, Faculty, Human Development, Pacific Oaks College