Relationships, the Heart of Quality Care: Creating Community Among Adults in Early Care Settings

Amy C. Baker & Lynn A. Manfredi/Petitt
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Children’s interactions with their special grown-ups affect everything in their lives, especially in their earliest years. And the relationships between those special people matter, too. When adult connections are caring and strong, parents, caregivers, and directors are motivated and empowered to work together to help children thrive. The book describes this concept of relationship-based child care, what understandings and attitudes support such care, and the policies required to enact it in a center setting. High-quality family child care homes and a growing numbers of enlightened centers are already using the model. As this book's many personal stories make clear, everyone benefits from relationship-based care!

"This book lovingly makes the point that adult relationships are important in child care. What thrills me however is that it doesn't stop there. It goes on to describe the kinds of relationships that work best, spells out the positive impact of close caring relationships for everyone involved, including children and parents, lists barriers to relationship building, and recommends policies that foster the development of relationships. It is an invaluable resource filled with many practical suggestions for the achievement of relationship based care. The insightful questions in the last chapter alone make this book a winner!"

— Dr. J. Ronald Lally, Co-Director, WestEd's Center for Child & Family Studies