Relationships: A Guide to the NAEYC Early Childhood Program Standard and Related Accreditation Criteria

Sharon Ritchie & Barbara Willer, eds.
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Subject: Accreditation
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Nurturing positive relationships among all children and adults takes work but greatly increases the likelihood that children will feel secure, thrive physically, get along with others, learn well, and feel like part of a community. This resource focuses particularly on NAEYC's Relationships Program Standard. Explore how positive relationships—among teachers and families, between teachers and children, and among peers—contribute to the development of harmonious classrooms, the management of challenging behaviors, and ultimately to children's abilities to regulate their own emotions and behavior. 


This is one of nine booklets addressing the Standards and Criteria specific to NAEYC Accreditation of early childhood education programs. Be advised that if your program enrolls in NAEYC Self-Study (the first step toward Accreditation) it will receive a copy of this booklet, among other resources, as part of the cost of enrollment. For guidance on the self-study and accreditation processes, visit