Healthy Sexuality Development: A Guide for Early Childhood Educators and Families

Kent Chrisman & Donna Couchenour
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Children learn about sexuality the same way they learn about everything else—through words, actions, interactions, and relationships. Families are children's primary teachers about sexuality development, but early childhood teachers and directors also support children's healthy sexuality development as they interact with children, work with families, and plan programs. This book provides key information to both early childhood educators and family members about what is typical in young children and how to support them in this early and inquisitive stage.

"As early childhood educators, we need to use a frank, matter-of-fact approach when discussing sex with young children. If adult anxiety or disapproval creeps in, children get the negative messages loud and clear. This book offers useful information about young children's development, including their sexual development, and vignettes that encourage dialogue among teachers and families, as well as discussion in workshops and college classes."

—Alice Honig, author of Secure Relationships and Young Children articles on psychosexual development