Guiding Children's Behavior: Developmental Discipline in the Classroom

Eileen S. Flicker, Janet Andron Hoffman
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Subject: Guidance
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Guiding Children's Behavior is a comprehensive guide to classroom management, emphasizing observation as the best way to determine developmentally appropriate interventions. By following a process for observing children, educators will learn how to see beyond children?s manifest behavior to focus on their motivations, needs, and interests. Featuring a series of chapters organized by age, from birth through elementary school, this book helps teachers to individualize discipline practices; offers supportive vignettes and a menu of developmentally appropriate strategies that teachers can choose from; includes a training module to help teachers, administrators, and parents work together to create more consistency between home and school; and provides useful forms. From Teachers College Press. 

?A practical approach to child management that will be as helpful to parents and child care professionals as it is to classroom teachers.  This should be required reading for everyone who shares responsibility for rearing and teaching children.?