Looking at the Basics of Developmentally Appropriate Practice (VHS)

Looking at the Basics of Developmentally Appropriate Practice (VHS)

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The basic concepts of developmentally appropriate practice aren?t difficult or arcane, but they can be understood wrongly or incompletely?and often are! This new resource articulates and illustrates the core concepts in simple, memorable ways, including classroom examples and other techniques.

Based on NAEYC?s 2005 book Basics of Developmentally Appropriate Practice (#259), by Carol Copple and Sue Bredekamp, this video gives learners a brief introduction to the foundational ideas of the early childhood field. The video is versatile enough to be shown as part of any beginner-level discussion of DAP. Some instructors and trainers will want to show it when learners are using NAEYC?s 2009 volume Developmentally Appropriate Practice in Early Childhood Programs Serving Children from Birth through Age 8 (#375) or other texts.


Produced by RISE Learning Solutions, in collaboration with NAEYC. 41 min.