Curriculum: A Guide to the NAEYC Early Childhood Program Standard and Related Accreditation Criteria

Sharon Ritchie & Barbara Willer, eds.
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Creating an effective curriculum can be a daunting task, as it includes forming goals for children as well as planning the learning experiences necessary for children's social, emotional, physical, language, and cognitive development. This resource focuses on NAEYC's Curriculum Program Standard. Be encouraged throughout these pages to improve your curriculum by keeping in mind that the best curriculum is created by teachers who act intentionally, consistently asking themselves what children need to learn, how children best learn, and how to help children build on what they know and what they can do.


This is one of nine booklets addressing the Standards and Criteria specific to NAEYC Accreditation of early childhood education programs. Be advised that if your program enrolls in NAEYC Self-Study (the first step toward Accreditation) it will receive a copy of this booklet, among other resources, as part of the cost of enrollment. For guidance on the self-study and accreditation processes, visit