Teachers: A Guide to the NAEYC Early Childhood Program Standard and Related Accreditation Criteria

Sharon Ritchie & Barbara Willer, eds.
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Teachers who have specific preparation, knowledge, and skills in child development and early childhood education are more likely to engage in warm, positive interactions with children, offer richer language experiences, and create higher quality learning environments. This resource focuses particularly on NAEYC's Teachers Program Standard. Not to be confused with the "Teaching" Standard, this Standard highlights the importance of teacher education and training as well as the contributions of professional development to high-quality care, effective teaching, and children's development.


This is one of nine booklets addressing the Standards and Criteria specific to NAEYC Accreditation of early childhood education programs. Be advised that if your program enrolls in NAEYC Self-Study (the first step toward Accreditation) it will receive a copy of this booklet, among other resources, as part of the cost of enrollment. For guidance on the self-study and accreditation processes, visit www.naeyc.org/academy.