Children, Language, and Literacy: Diverse Learners in Diverse Times

Celia Genishi, Anne Haas Dyson
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Even as sociocultural diversity continues to grow in the U.S., many classrooms offer a one-size-fits-all curriculum in which assessment relies heavily on standardized tests. Rejecting the narrow viewing of young children solely as prospective students, the authors see them as ?simultaneously players, learners, readers of the world and words, artists?among other identities.? This volume gives us rich evidence of the role of stories (enacted and told), imaginative play, and writing in children?s language learning. Copublished with Teachers College Press. Comprehensive Member Benefit.

"If our standards-based economy requires us to make all children the same, to drain the joy out of learning, and to move lockstep through a set curriculum, we have forgotten what early childhood classrooms are all about. Genishi and Dyson remind us."