Teaching Adults, Revisited: Active Learning for Early Childhood Educators

Elizabeth Jones
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Follow master educator Elizabeth (Betty) Jones as she teaches an introductory course in early childhood education. She actively engages the students, encouraging them to make decisions, ask questions, and engage in collaborative problem solving—herself modeling the behaviors that should be practiced by adults working with young children. Successor to her highly respected Teaching Adults (NAEYC, 1986), this new work reflects Betty Jones's ever-evolving wisdom and insights into teaching teachers, as well as the diversity of perspective that adults learners bring to college classrooms.

"Creative, innovative, courageous teaching shown in all its glory. Betty Jones focuses on treating adults the way she wants them to treat children--by giving them power through lots of choices and respecting their knowledge built through experiences. She doesn't lecture the reader; she lets them peek into her classroom. The reader sees how she engages students, builds relationships with each, and encourages them to build relationships with each other. Modeling is a powerful teaching tool. Betty Jones uses it exquisitely."

-- Janet Gonzalez-Mena, Author of Diversity in Early Care and Education: Honoring Differences