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System Wide Program Portfolio

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The purpose of the System-wide Program Portfolio (PP) Evidence Review is to reduce preparation time for NAEYC site visits among programs that are part of a large system with shared policies and procedures. NAEYC identifies PP items for which system-level evidence is acceptable. If the system addresses those items on a system-wide basis, they submit the evidence to NAEYC and receive ratings for those items that are applied to all site visit evaluations of programs in their system. Determinations of compliance with NAEYC site visit assessment items are honored for one year, with annual reviews thereafter. Individual programs in participating large systems are responsible for maintaining program-specific PP evidence to be made available to NAEYC assessors for on-site review.

Large System Users Will Receive

  •  A list of NAEYC Program Portfolio items for which system-wide evidence may be submitted.
  • ​​An initial review and rating of submitted system-wide Program Portfolio evidence by two NAEYC assessors meeting NAEYC standards of inter-rater reliability for assessing Program Portfolio evidence.
  • A written review of the system’s plan for program administrators to understand the relationship between system policies and procedures and NAEYC Standards and best practices.
  • Within 30 days of NAEYC’s receipt of the system-wide program portfolio evidence, a System-wide Program Portfolio Evidence Initial Report.
  • Within 30 days of receiving revised or additional evidence for any items initially rated No: 
    • a second, final review and rating of the additional evidence, and 
    • a System-Wide Program Portfolio Evidence Final Report.