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  • By Ann S. Epstein

    Bestseller! How do preschoolers learn and develop? What are the best ways to support learning in the early years? This revised edition of The Intentional Teacher guides teachers to balance both child-guided and adult-guided learning experiences that respond to children’s interests and focus on what they need to learn to be successful in school and life.

    This edition includes

  • $15.00

    An allergic reaction from exposure to peanuts can be potentially life-threatening. Discover what you need to know about peanut allergies with the Peanut Allergy Poster (18"x24", laminated). This poster explains the difference between a peanut allergy and a tree nut allergy, what can be done to prevent an allergic reaction, the symptoms of an allergic reaction, and the definition of anaphylaxis. From Learning ZoneXpress.

  • a
    By Gera Jacobs & Kathy Crowley

    This resource for first, second, and third grade teachers describes best practices for promoting learning and development while helping students meet standards. You will find information, ideas, experiences, and activities that

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