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Spotlight on Young Children: Social and Emotional Development

By Holly Bohart, Rossella Procopio
Help children from birth through third grade develop the social and emotional skills essential to their future well-being and success.

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Big Questions for Young Minds: Extending Children’s Thinking

By Janis Strasser, Lisa Mufson Bresson
Weave high-level questions into your teaching practices. This book is packed with guidance for scaffolding children’s learning and promoting a deeper understanding. 

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The Essentials: Supporting Young Children with Disabilities in the Classroom

By Pamela Brillante
This straightforward introduction to the core concepts of teaching and supporting children with disabilities alongside their peers will help teachers ensure that all children meet their potential. 

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Bestselling Titles 

Making and Tinkering With STEM: Solving Design Challenges With Young Children

By Cate Heroman
Explore STEM concepts through making and tinkering! Inspire and challenge children in preschool through third grade with engineering design challenges inspired by their favorite books.. 

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Nurturing Creativity: An Essential Mindset for Young Children’s Learning

By Rebecca Isbell, Sonia Akiko Yoshizawa
Creativity is a cornerstone of unconventional thinking. Tap into children’s natural curiosity and scaffold their creative abilities across all domains of learning—and nurture your own creativity! 

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Developmentally Appropriate Practice in Early Childhood Programs Serving Children From Birth Through Age 8, Third Edition

By Carol Copple, Sue Bredekamp
DAP is an essential resource for the early child care field. Chapters describe children from birth through age 8 in detail, with extensive examples of appropriate practice. 

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Anti-Bias Education for Young Children and Ourselves

By Julie Olsen Edwards, Louise Derman-Sparks
Become a skilled anti-bias teacher with this practical guidance to confronting and eliminating barriers of prejudice, misinformation, and bias about specific aspects of personal and social identity. 

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