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    Read about the prince of preschool's books for children and teachers.
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    Learn more about what happens to pumpkins when they decompose and why decay is important.
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    Bamboo is a unique natural material that can provide days—even months!—of exploration for preschool children.
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Smiling little boy

Using Technology to Engage Families

I worked with migrant families of preschool children in a home-based family engagement program called Comienza en Casa/lt Starts at Home, which ran in Milbridge, Maine. Parents learned to use a variety of tech tools, including tablets provided by the program and smartphones they owned, to support their young children's early learning and strengthen home-school relationships.

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Online Feature


Image of book cover

Interview With Susan Fullerton

So many children's books feature animal characters—why do children's book authors choose animals as their characters?

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Message in a Backpack™

Tips you can share with families

These handouts are meant to be printed out and sent home with children as a resource for parents and other adult caregivers!


Rough-and-Tumble Play

Let Children Be Children

Play Games While Waiting with Young Children



Spending Time Outdoors with Your Child

A Family Shadow Walk

Tips for Sun Safety

Reading and Literacy

Everyone Can Be a Storyteller

What's New at the Library?

For The Love Of Books

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Tesoros y Colores

Tesoros y Colores era la versión en español de Teaching Young Children, la revista de NAEYC para los maestros de preescolar publicada entre 2007 y 2015. Los miembros cuentan con un archivo digital en internet que incluye material desde el año 2012.

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Inicie la sesión en el área exclusiva para miembros y tendrá acceso al archivo de Tesoros y Colores.

Suscriptores que no son miembros:
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April/May 2016 - Vol. 9, No. 4

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