Self-Report Form

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Please submit the Self Report form to request changes to a program's primary, secondary, and additional contacts which will be reflected on the contacts profile in the Accreditation Portal.

If you are requesting a Program ID# to begin the accreditation process, we will use the information entered below to create the new account. 

You must register your email address with the Accreditation Portal for Early Learning Programs prior to completing this form. Please note, you cannot share an email address. Only one email address can be used per person.

Do you already have a Program ID Number?

Select your current role for accreditation purposes. A program can have only one primary contact, one secondary contact and three additional contacts. Primary and Secondary contacts have full access to the Accreditation Portal. Additional contacts have limited access.

Note: Any contact on file will be removed and replaced with the contact information that is listed below on this form.

Complete all sections below that requires updating:

Primary Contact Section
Use this section to update your Primary Contact information. Any contact listed in our system with a 'Primary Role' will be automatically removed and replaced with the contact information entered the section below: