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Voices of Practitioners: Teacher Research in Early Childhood Education is an online peer-reviewed journal in which teachers provide a critical perspective on their roles in children's development and learning.
Voices of Practitioners disseminates early childhood teachers’ systematic study of an aspect of their own classroom practice. Teacher research offers a means for teachers to examine their questions about teaching and learning, reflect with colleagues, and make improvements in their teaching practice.


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In next Voices compilation, we will be focusing on Uses of Literature and Other Media with Young Children. We invite teachers and administrators working with children birth through 8 years old to pitch your idea for a narrative essay that features how using children’s literature (or other media) has affected your teaching practice, especially relevant to equity and social justice issues. Please read “Call for Teacher Narratives on Uses of Literature and Other Media with Young Children” for more information, including what to include in your submission and how the process will work. 

The deadline is April 16, 2024. Consider submitting today! 


Winter 2023: Volume 18

Read the 2023 compilation, where authors focus on their social identities to interrogate how understanding and connecting with who they are as people have affected their practice as early childhood educators.

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Fall 2022: Volume 17

Read the Fall 2022 issue, where practitioners reflect on how we as educators promote creativity and agency in play for each and every young child.

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Fall 2021: Volume 16

Read the Fall 2021 compilation of Voices where we invited practitioners to reflect on what they are learning while leading and educating young children during overlapping global crises. 

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Fall 2020: Volume 15

Read the Fall 2020 collection, which highlights new and divergent perspectives on how best to teach and lead, while also revealing many commonalities of our professional experiences as educators.

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