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Young girl smiling
Toddler with hand in mouth
January 4, 2017

“如果把颜料涂在手上会有什么害处吗?” 1-3岁学步儿在家参与感官活动的指南 "What's the harm if I paint my arm?": A Toddler's Guide to Sensory Activities in the Home

Just as infants and toddlers need experience crawling or scooting to learn to walk and babbling and crying to learn to talk, they need to practice using their hands to control art supplies and practice using their minds to figure out how art supplies work

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Authored by: Julia Luckenbill
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Two women pose for a picture at NAEYC's Annual Conference


欢迎参加2019年全美幼儿教育协会年会!(Welcome to NAEYC's 2019 Annual Conference!)
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Seven children outside on the grass.


Week of the Young Child™(幼儿之周)是由NAEYC举办的一项年度活动,其目的是引起人们对早教、幼儿、其教师及其家庭和社区的关注。
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