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Online Learning: Classroom-Based Assessment

Classroom-Based Assessment is an online mini-course for teachers of preschool children. In this course, you will learn about evidence-based assessment, as well as observation and documentation within the classroom.
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Young Children
November 1, 2018

Inquiry Is Play: Playful Participatory Research (Voices)

This online version includes an additional reflection from the authors showing how the defining elements of PPR transform participatory research into a vehicle for shared learning for teachers and children alike.

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Authored by: Megina Baker, Gabriela Salas Davila
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Teacher and children play with funnels at sand table.
Teaching Young Children
April 1, 2017

Deepening Families’ Understanding of Children’s Learning in Centers

If families understand all that occurs in center activities and play, they will be able to support their children’s learning during play activities at home—to be learning partners with their children.

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Authored by: Faye Dismuke, Nichole Parks, Judy Jablon
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