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Young Children
November 1, 2017

More Than a Foundation: Young Children Are Capable STEM Learners

The research is clear: when we say children are “born scientists,” we’re not just being cute; they really are active scientists, right now, systematically and intentionally exploring their environments, even from the day they are born.

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Authored by: Elisabeth McClure
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Nurturing the Scientist in Your Child

Help your child develop the skills needed to think like a scientist, which will allow him or her to understand increasingly complex science concepts. Here are some ways to do that.
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Going Green at Home: Get Your Child Involved

Here are some ideas for involving your child in going green at home. You will reduce the resources your family uses, set a positive example, and help your child learn how to help take care of the world.
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A Family Shadow Walk

Family walks, no matter where, provide wonderful opportunities to explore the mysteries of light and shadows.
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10 Prop Box Ideas: Mini Learning Centers at Home

Bring the spirit of learning centers into your home with prop boxes—plastic bins or cardboard shoe boxes you fill with materials and props related to one topic, such as math or writing.
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