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toddler in an outdoor kiddie pool
February 26, 2018

Bathtime Science

When I think about it, during the course of my son’s bath last night we touched on physics, marine biology, anatomy and acoustics, and he was squeaky clean by the end of it! 

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Authored by: Sarah Erdman
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Group of diverse children holding plants outside

Tips for Gardening with Children

The most exciting part? When children get to eat their long-awaited garden treats. What could possibly be more tempting on a hot day than fresh watermelon from the garden? The proud smiles say it all.
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HOT Tinkering

This interactive online module provides preschool teachers with strategies to promote children's Higher Order Thinking skills and increase understanding of STEM concepts in the classroom.
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Tinker Time Half-Day Workshop

This half-day workshop for Preschool teachers is designed to provide strategies for introducing STEM and Higher Order Thinking concepts into the classroom.
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Young girl uses blocks to bulild
Young Children
November 1, 2017

More Than a Foundation: Young Children Are Capable STEM Learners

The research is clear: when we say children are “born scientists,” we’re not just being cute; they really are active scientists, right now, systematically and intentionally exploring their environments, even from the day they are born.

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Authored by: Elisabeth McClure
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