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Toddler climbing on table with mother holding her.

A High-Quality Program for Your Toddler

Find out how toddlers learn and develop, how teachers support their learning and development, and what a high-quality toddler program looks like.
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Math at Home Toolkit

Use these resources to encourage your child's math learning at home!
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El comienzo del kindergarten

A continuación incluimos algunas sugerencias que les ayudarán a guiar a sus hijos durante la transición de preescolares a kindergarten.
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Higher Education

Find out about the imporant role Congress has in the Higher Education Act, and how it supports NAEYC's commitment to educators, students and parents.
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Head Start

Learn how Head Start and Early Head Start incorporates NAEYC's core values, and act to build on the strengths of low-income children, families, and communities while providing support and services to help them thrive.
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PreK-12 Education

Learn more about the Everyday Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) signed in December 2015, and how it focuses on the importance of the early years for long-term student success.
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Child Care

Learn more about the Child Care Development Block Grant (CCDBG) and how it supports children and families.
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What Is WOYC?

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions regarding WOYC.
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WOYC Activity Resources

Resources for you to help plan and execute a successful Week of the Young Child!
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WOYC Overview

There is so much children learn as they enjoy music, explore food and cooking, build together, create art, and celebrate their families! Start planning your celebration today with these event ideas and activities.
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