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father and daughter looking at computer tablet
October 21, 2020

5 Ways to Celebrate Media Literacy Week with 5-and-Unders

Just as we lay the foundations for print literacy starting at birth, early childhood educators have a vital role to play in laying the foundations for the more sophisticated media literacy skills we expect of adolescents and adults.

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Authored by: Faith Rogow
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A young child draws on a tablet
Young Children
May 1, 2016

Getting Smarter About E-Books for Children

Children’s books captivate young children, and teachers love to see kids engrossed in their pages. But what if that book is an e-book? Does that change the equation?

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Authored by: Lisa Guernsey Michael H. Levine
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Teacher and preschooler looking at a tablet
Teaching Young Children
October 1, 2012

Touch and Grow: Learning and Exploring Using Tablets

Tablets have the potential to be powerful tools for early learning. The choices we make about how they are used determine whether the technology is helpful or not.

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Authored by: Bonnie Blagojevic Hillary Brumer Sue Chevalier Audrey O'Clair Karen Thomes
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