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A mother interacting with her son.

Ideas to Spark Rich Conversations with Your Children!

As the parent of a young child, you know that children are curious and eager to learn. To help you make the most of those moments—and to inspire even more of them—we offer several easy strategies for sparking rich conversations.
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Three children sitting on a rock in the woods
Young Children
November 1, 2018

Big Questions in the Great Outdoors

Mr. Joe has set the stage for ongoing learning opportunities by creating a weekly routine that focuses on the children’s in-depth study of Todd, the adopted oak tree.

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Authored by: Sue Mankiw, Janis Strasser, Lisa Mufson Bresson
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Loose materials for making and tinkering on a desk

HOT: Tinkering Online Module (On Demand)

This interactive online module provides preschool teachers with strategies to promote children's Higher Order Thinking skills and increase understanding of STEM concepts in the classroom.
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