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Diverse group of children in a classroom.
Mother and daughter in a classroom smiling

¡Celebre el multilingüismo de su hijo!

Como padre o madre de un niño o niña que está aprendiendo dos o más idiomas, usted puede sustentar la habilidad y el interés de usar todos los idiomas que escuche su hijo al entusiasmarse y divertirse con el multilingüismo. 
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Mother and daughter in a classroom smiling

Celebrate Your Child’s Multilingualism!

As a parent of a child learning two or more languages, you can help sustain your child’s ability and interest in using all the languages they hear by being enthusiastic and playful about multilingualism. Here are some suggestions.
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Group of young professionals

Recommendations for Public Policymakers

Work to change any policy that either directly or through unintended negative consequences undermines children’s physical and emotional well-being or weakens the bonds between children and their families.
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Recommendations for Everyone

The following general recommendations apply to everyone involved in any aspect of early childhood education.
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Advancing Equity: Position

When early childhood educators use inclusive teaching approaches, they demonstrate that they respect diversity and value all children’s strengths.
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Advancing Equity: Purpose

This position statement is one of five foundational documents NAEYC has developed in collaboration with the early childhood profession.
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Multi language graphic greetings
Teaching Young Children
August 1, 2019

Supporting Emergent Bilingual Children: A Checklist for Early Childhood Educators

Research shows that learning multiple languages is very beneficial for children’s development. This checklist will help you support young children’s bilingual learning in a rich literacy and language classroom environment.

Authored by

Authored by: Shelley Pasnik, Naomi Hupert
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