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Photo shoes a mother with her daughter on her shoulders and a father with his son on his back.  All face the camera smiling.
January 13, 2020

Building a System to Support Family Engagement

Successful family engagement approaches make this work part of a coordinated school- or program-wide system. In our new book, Families and Educators Together, we include numerous, real-life examples and policies that serve as a user-friendly guide...

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Authored by: Karen Nemeth Derry Koralek Kelly Ramsey
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Mother and son outside talking on a picnic table.

Guiding Children by Using Questions

Asking a child about his behavior can stop the behavior as it is happening and get him to think about it. The best questions are ones that require more than a yes-or-no answer. Here are some examples.
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Teacher and students with hands up
December 23, 2018

A Death in the Family: Helping Young Children Understand

Supporting children and their families as they cope with the death of someone close to them is never easy. If you ever need to support a child at such a time, I encourage you to refer to this list of resources.

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Authored by: Michael Coventry
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Cover of Spotlight on Young Children: Equity and Diversity
January 1, 2019

Spotlight on Young Children: Equity and Diversity

Informed and influenced by NAEYC’s forthcoming position statement on equity and diversity, this collection of articles contextualizes how educators of children from birth through third grade can advance equity and embrace diversity.

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Authored by: Cristina Gillanders Rossella Procopio
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Three teachers looking at student artwork
Voices of Practitioners
December 1, 2018


We are so pleased to be able to offer you the 2018 compilation of Voices of Practitioners articles. This volume marks VOP’s 14th year as an online journal.

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Authored by: Barbara Henderson
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