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January 4, 2017

“如果把颜料涂在手上会有什么害处吗?” 1-3岁学步儿在家参与感官活动的指南 "What's the harm if I paint my arm?": A Toddler's Guide to Sensory Activities in the Home

Just as infants and toddlers need experience crawling or scooting to learn to walk and babbling and crying to learn to talk, they need to practice using their hands to control art supplies and practice using their minds to figure out how art supplies work

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Authored by: Julia Luckenbill
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DAP in the Time of COVID: Questions to Consider

NAEYC’s Early Learning Program Standards and Assessment Items to compile a set of questions and considerations. These are designed to help educators and administrators think through options, opportunities, & tradeoffs as you support children and families
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The endnotes are available as a PDF for readers to print and use as they read the statement.
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Appendix C: Acknowledgements

NAEYC appreciates the work of the Developmentally Appropriate Practice/Diversity and Equity Workgroup and the Early Learning Systems Committee, who participated in the development of this statement. See a full list here.
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Appendix B: Glossary

Learn about the terms used in the Developmentally Appropriate Practice position statement.
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May 30, 2020

A Message From NAEYC: We Stand Together

NAEYC continues to work towards advancing equity with humility and awareness of our history and limitations, and a recognition that no individual, leader or organization has all the answers.

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Authored by: Ann Terrell Rhian Evans Allvin
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