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Cotrainers Dr. Nili Luo and Dr. Lea Ann Christenson with a group of teachers, directors, and investors from China
March 20, 2019

Addressing Quality and Access: China Looks towards DAP

As China and other nations around the world move to incorporate DAP into their early education approach, NAEYC has developed customizable trainings to address the needs of ECE professionals from diverse backgrounds.

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Authored by: Dakota Saunders
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Mini-Course: Classroom-Based Assessment (On Demand)

Classroom-Based Assessment is an online mini-course for teachers of preschool children. In this course, you will learn about evidence-based assessment, as well as observation and documentation within the classroom.
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Young Children
September 1, 2018

Developmentally Appropriate Practice for Adult Learners

By examining the core considerations of DAP through the lens of adult learning theory, we (the article authors) created a framework for supporting early childhood professionals who are continuing their educations.

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Authored by: Martha Muñoz, Linda Anderson Welsh, Tina L. Chaseley
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HOT: Tinkering Online Module (On Demand)

This interactive online module provides preschool teachers with strategies to promote children's Higher Order Thinking skills and increase understanding of STEM concepts in the classroom.
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DAP: Focus on Preschoolers Online Module (On Demand)

This hour-long online module is designed as a refresher on classroom best practices for preschool children based on the core considerations and guidelines of developmentally appropriate practice.
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Teaching Young Children
December 1, 2017

Message from Rhian

The holiday season is an exciting time for young children and early childhood educators. It’s an opportunity to explore themes of family, culture, and community and to celebrate all of the past year’s milestones.

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Authored by: Rhian Evans Allvin
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