All NAEYC Early Learning Program Accreditation Content

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Accreditation Tips and Tools

These materials are designed to deepen your understanding of the NAEYC Early Learning Program Accreditation Standards and Assessment Items.
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Early Learning Program Trainings

The Accreditation Training Center supports early learning programs as they engage in continuous quality improvement through NAEYC Accreditation.
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Interested in Accreditation?

Achieving NAEYC Accreditation is a four-step process that involves self reflection and quality improvement in order to meet and maintain accreditation over a five-year period.
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Benefits of Accreditation

NAEYC Accreditation ensures that programs are safe, well prepared, and intentional about ensuring children's success. Learn more.
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NAEYC establishes and maintains a clearly defined process for pursuing, achieving, and maintaining NAEYC Accreditation. Learn more about the Early Learning Program Accreditation Policies.
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Early Learning Program Accreditation

NAEYC Accreditation helps families recognize quality early learning programs and feel comfortable knowing that their children are receiving a high-quality, research-based education that will prepare them for future success.
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State Partnerships

Learn how NAEYC Accreditation of Early Learning Programs partner with states to make a difference in the lives of young children.
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Accreditation Fees

Our fees enable us to support the work of NAEYC Accreditation of Early Learning Programs. Learn more about the fees associated with pursuing and maintaining accreditation.
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Accreditation Forms

Find all of the Early Learning Program forms used throughout the accreditation process here.
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Accreditation Portal for Early Learning Programs

Log in and explore The Early Learning Program Accreditation Portal, where you can access your basic program records, add more data, and move through the accreditation process at your own pace.
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Council for NAEYC Accreditation

The Council for NAEYC Accreditation ensures the equity, integrity and accountability of NAEYC Accreditation of Early Learning Programs.
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NAEYC Assessors

Explore the NAEYC Assessor's role in the accreditation process and how they help programs build on best practices for high-quality early childhood education.
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Feedback on the Accreditation System

Provide feedback and suggestions on all aspects of the accreditation process, as well as concerns related to currently accredited programs.
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