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HOT Tinkering

This interactive online module provides preschool teachers with strategies to promote children's Higher Order Thinking skills and increase understanding of STEM concepts in the classroom.
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Young girl uses blocks to bulild
Young Children
November 1, 2017

More Than a Foundation: Young Children Are Capable STEM Learners

The research is clear: when we say children are “born scientists,” we’re not just being cute; they really are active scientists, right now, systematically and intentionally exploring their environments, even from the day they are born.

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Authored by: Elisabeth McClure
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Two children creating a project with cardboard box
June 17, 2016

Making, Tinkering, and The Toy Store Project

What happens when you give a young child a cardboard box? They turn it into a car, a robot, a doghouse, or a spaceship. Children are natural makers

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Authored by: Cate Heroman, Kerry Sheldon, Sarah West
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A classroom building scribbling machines
February 29, 2016

Scribbling Machines

Paige Zittrauer challenged her kindergarten students and their high school art student project partners: Make a contraption that moves on its own across a piece of paper and leaves a mark in its path

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Authored by: Cate Heroman, Paige Zittrauer
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